Reason #1

Recipe for success: team spirit!

"Together, we can achieve more. Cooperation is an important source of energy in Jagenberg Group."

To us, team spirit is the feeling of belonging together as a group.

Everyone at Jagenberg Group pursues the same goal: thriving together. Whether you have been with us for 30 years or just for two months – we think of ourselves as a team. And when we say we work with and for each other, this is reflected in the fact that every voice is heard, every idea has a fair chance, and everyone is respected.

At Jagenberg Group you will meet a diverse team from different cultures and backgrounds and with manifold interests. That's what makes us strong – as individuals, as a company, and also as an international group.

In order to further our employees and provide optimal conditions, we rely on modern and innovative equipment, a great working environment and a motivating climate.

The technical equipment in our shopfloors and at our workplaces meets the highest standards and requirements for occupational safety and ergonomics. To create future together in Jagenberg Group, we use modern IT technology and an ideal working context. State-of-the-art software and cloud-based digital tools are just as important to us as employee development and job security.

You have an idea and want it to become reality? Jagenberg will supply the tools you need to succeed. Not only does the technical equipment in our workshops, offices and other workplaces meet highest standards and ergonomic requirements. But we also rely on modern IT from state-of-the-art software to cloud-based digital tools to support our employees and ensure optimal conditions:.

Because we know one thing: It is the individual skills as well as cooperation that move Jagenberg forward as a whole and make us Create.Future.Together!

Reason #2

Tomorrow rests in the palm of our hand!

We have people working for us in technical and commercial professions. We are looking for newcomers and experienced professionals alike; we are looking for IT specialists, service experts, vocational trainees, as well as university graduates. We provide a wide range of offers and development opportunities for every target group.  Discover your opportunities as a mechatronics technician, electronics technician, sales representative, industrial clerk, IT specialist, construction mechanic, warehouse logistics specialist, PLC programmer, system administrator, or mechanical engineer ... Our range is as diverse as the people employed in our group.

A secure job or international experience? With us you get both! As an international group with firm roots and dynamic development, we offer first-class career opportunities - directly in the vicinity or abroad.

It's up to you where your path leads at Jagenberg!

Jagenberg Group is an international group of companies with offices worldwide. We benefit from the cultural differences, which we can bring into the group and value them very much. Especially because the people with their different histories and specializations complement each other ideally.

Our internationality gives our employees the opportunity to gain experience abroad or at other locations. This allows us to broaden our horizons in terms of languages and professional fields. We are happy if you are interested in gaining professional experience abroad – and in developing yourself and us further.

That's right, the companies are really quite diverse. But that's precisely what makes our Group so strong: Companies from different regions and cultures, with different histories and specializations, and the people behind them who complement each other perfectly. This also determines our corporate strategy: We are a group of companies which knows how to bundle the strengths of the individual companies while always keeping the needs of its partners in focus with a strong umbrella brand. The diversity of each company’s capabilities and pooling them make it possible for us to provide our customers with highly individual offers, tailor-made and on demand. 

Jagenberg is an owner-managed group of companies. The Group's owner gives us free rein to shape, develop, and grow the Group. Unlike listed companies, this gives us the opportunity to think in the long-term. Even though business success is a key factor for us, we plan without short-term pressure to succeed. When we are certain that we are doing the right thing, we do it!

This room for action gives the teams in the companies of our Group the security of not having to follow fast-moving trends. Instead, we are actively shaping the important megatrends of our times, such as technological progress, sustainability and digitalization, together and over the long term. With flat hierarchies, short decision-making processes and a solid financial basis, we are able to adapt to changes and geopolitical upheavals quickly and seize opportunities – together in our teams and together with our customers and supplier partners. This, we express in our corporate claim: CREATE.FUTURE.TOGETHER.

In HR work, it is important to respond to new developments on a daily basis. I am happy to be part of the company and to help shape it together and to enable further development. At Kampf, I work in an environment in which I am appreciated and feel comfortable.

Madeleine Wendel,
Humas Resources, Factory Dohr

Reason #3

Driving technology forward

The Jagenberg Group has been around for almost 150 years. From this experience, we know exactly that tomorrow needs the courage to change. It's up to us whether we wait for the future - or whether we tackle it. In order to actively face it again and again, our employees are given the freedom they need to develop and use their ideas to create the self-evident technologies of tomorrow.

The future is nothing certain, but something dynamic that we are committed to together. And together we are making the most of this future - for more sustainability, digital solutions and a secure tomorrow.

Sustainability is one of the important future topics that moves us. Our engineers work every day to optimize the environmental footprint of our machines: They reduce energy consumption, ensure that materials are used more efficiently and that less waste is produced. The motivation for this is called: the future.

Because together we share the basis of life and resources. That is why we are meeting the challenges of climate change and not only moving the processing and finishing of web-shaped materials, but also taking action for our planet!

Digitalization is a megatrend. It creates the foundations for the further development of industrial production.

That's why we declared the digitalization of our industry early on to be an area that we will play a significant and active role in developing. It expands the scope of what is technically feasible, creates economic and creative leeway, and helps us to reduce the impact of machines and products on the environment.

In short, our digital teams are developing the future with us!

Anyone new to the Jagenberg Group quickly notices: we make it easy to contribute and implement your own ideas. To this end, we offer targeted freedom to think outside the box. After all, only those who can move forward can make progress. In this way, we combine the successful methods of the new world of work with the tried-and-tested recipes of a solid, traditional company.

„Digital transformation is also in full swing at Kampf. The digitalization of the economy is rapid and has gained momentum: We are proud to be able to help shape this new path – an exciting and challenging task!“

Christian Fries, Team Manager IT – Operations
and Thomas Ott, Team Manager IT - Development & Projects

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