The team for digitization

Lebbing has founded In2Lutions in order to meet the increasing demand for digitalization and Industry 4.0. The team consists of experts with know-how in information technology and operational technology. Our mission is to enable you to open up the possibilities of digitalization.

Know How in IT and OT

We are a strong team with many years of experience in software development. We build the bridge between IT and OT to drive Digitalization in your company. Our goal is to break down barriers and identify opportunities to reconcile both sides.

Professional Software Development

We rely on modern, future-proof technologies and development tools. Quality is guaranteed by us through modern development environments, defined coding standards, code reviews and testing.

You can count on us

We adapt to you and your needs. If our existing portfolio does not meet your requirements, we will develop an individual solution together with you. In doing so, we use our interdisciplinary knowledge specifically for you.


We accept your challenges and develop innovative solutions together with you. Let us talk about your ideas and requirements in a non-binding MeetUp.

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