Drive Technology


We look after the brain of a machine and develop mechatronic drive concepts that augment performance, increase flexibility and reduce maintenance and change over setup time. Our engineers rely on motion control systems that offer uniform and transparent programming and diagnostics options, and also keep the engineering effort to a minimum.


As part of an audit that forms a basis for implementation planning, our experts determine which drive and automation concept is most suitable for your machine and show you the most useful and practicable solution options. Always taking into account the cost-benefit aspect, of course.


We are planners, engineers and professional technicians who plan control cabinet systems individually. From operating units to cabinet rows or complex switchgear containers for large systems. In order to be able to respond flexibly to all customer requirements, we rely on the market leader E-Plan for E-CAE systems. Other CAE tools are available on request.

Motion Control Systems

In addition to the high-performance, modular Siemens motion control systems, solutions using systems from Rockwell, Lenze, Parker or others can also be implemented, depending on requirements.

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