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Battery Show in Stuttgart, Germany, June 18 - 20, 2024

The Jagenberg Group with its participating companies Jagenberg Converting Solutions GmbH, Jagenberg Digital Solutions GmbH, Kampf GmbH, Kampf LSF GmbH…

Lauer CE-Safety becomes part of Lebbing.

All companies of Jagenberg Group are characterized by teamwork and cohesion. As part of Jagenberg Group, Lauer CE-Safety has already been working in…



Part 2, Of teamwork and the individual contribution to sustainability: A conversation with sustainability manager Dr. Sascha Schneiderwind

In this second part of our two-part interview series, he talks about the response to the sustainability report 2022, provides suggestions for…


Part 1, "Sustainability puts people into the spotlight": a conversation with Sustainability Manager Dr. Sascha Schneiderwind

Since June 2022, Dr. Sascha Schneiderwind has been responsible for sustainability at Jagenberg Group. In this following first part of our two-part…


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